Our Ministries

Below are some of the ways we seek to serve God, one-another, our community, and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Preaching & Teaching

To be abundantly clear, our preaching & teaching is based on the Bible. If it is not based on the Bible, then it is not a part of our preaching & teaching. Because we believe that the Bible is "God-breathed," we believe the Bible is the authority that governs our church life and our personal lives. It is amazing that God uses "people" to communicate truth. After all, we are sinners saved by grace with flaws ourselves. That means that any preacher or teacher you hear at our church is flawed themselves. All teachers and preachers, however flawed, endeavor to communicate truth clearly with a character that is ever growing to match the message.


Whether instruments, choir, sound, media, ushers, prayer, solos, congregational singing, etc., there are many ways in which our church family seeks to be involved with worship.

Children & Teens

We are normal in that we seek to teach, train, and equip our children & teens. This is accomplished through a variety of means including Sunday School, AWANA, Wednesday Night Youth, extra-curricular outings & games, retreats, service opportunities, etc. Along with Bible teaching, there is singing, Bible memory, games, awards, prayer time, & Scripture reading.


There are several leadership roles our church family serves including Deacons, Trustees, Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School Teachers, Department Heads, etc.


Great Commission work (a.k.a. missions) is commonly known for overseas focus on spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. And, we are grateful God has given us partners in several overseas regions. We also seek to focus our great commission efforts in our local community, our region, and the United States as well, and God has given us partners in these areas as well. Along with working with our partners, we seek to fulfill our own personal responsibility in great commission work as well.

Community Involvement

Connecting to our local community is important to many of us in our church family. Currently we are developing relationships with the Bremen Ministerial Association, and the Bremen food pantry. Some of our church family have served with the Bremen Bible Class and the Holy Walk.