Is it really good news? Part 3

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So truly, is it good news? Really?

The gospel means "good news." Evangelist is the “evangel” or the “gospel.” So the evangelist isn’t the proselytizer. This person is not someone under a people-pleasing, spiritual ritualistic requirement, or wanna-be-a-good-Christian-so-I’m-gonna-do-this conscience guilt squeeze.

Simply stated, the Evangelist is the “gospel-izer” - the good news person. The very nature of good news is that it spreads, fast! And, that is because it is good, and people like good stuff! Something that is good is enjoyed by the person who has it, and then the people around that person who has the good thing will take notice of that enjoyment.

The “better way” that I spoke of at the end of part one means that we are personally enjoying the good news for ourselves. We structure our lives with God as the most important part. We shape our priorities with his mission in mind. We rejoice that we have been redeemed, delivered, adopted! The natural result will be that everybody around us will see that we have a good thing, and they will want to know more about it!