How can I understand the prophesies of the Olivet Discourse (Part 3)

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Before we dig into the actual details of the Olivet Discourse, it would be helpful to know the overall outline of Jesus' sermon.  It is important to understand this overview so that when things get confusing as we wade through the details, we can go back to this overall outline.  And, this overall outline rests upon the understanding of Part 1 and Part 2.

1. The Tribulation period (24:4-31)

2. The Second Coming of Jesus (24:29-31)

3. Four Practical Lessons in light of Jesus' Return (24:31-25:30)

     1. Lesson of the Fig Tree

     2. Lesson from the days of Noah

     3. Lesson of the Ten Virgins

     4. Lesson of the Talents

4. The Judgement of the Sheep and Goats (25:31-46)

I look forward to dealing with number one, "The Tribulation Period" in the next article.