Thank You

Dear First Baptist Church of Bremen Congregation,

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of you, not only for the extremely generous donation you made to me, which will go towards my various and numerous expenses on this, my last year of college, but also for a few other things. The opportunity to serve you this summer with my work for the church and in my accompaniment with Pastor Nate in his ministry has been one of the most beneficial and memorable experiences of my young life, and has given me stories and illustrations to relay to my friends, family and parishioners for years to come. To those of you who took the time, effort and money to treat me to a meal together, I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and hospitality. I have gotten very used to making my own food, and surviving off of what my college fed me, so every single on of these encounters with you was an absolute delight and blessing. In addition to this, getting the opportunity to talk with you and hear your testimonies and opinions has added to my lifelong quest for education in all areas, especially in the subject of human nature. I am aware that the church has never had an intern before me, and am painfully aware that it as a big leap of faith for you to put your trust in a strange college student form out of town that you had never met before. Activities I had the privilege of participating in or leading, such as the parade float, the Lord’s Supper, teaching in VBS, and preaching and teaching on a few Sundays, are invaluable memories that will serve me for all my years to come. I very much look forward to seeing all of you again on the Sundays I am able to visit, and hope that once I graduate and move away that you will remember me in your hearts and your prayers. Thank you all so much for being apart of this journey with me.


Dalton Davis