Pastor Checkin - 12/18/19

How was your Christmas time? I know that it can be a flurry of emotions, and not all the emotions are positive. For some people, Christmas time is the hardest time of the year. For others it is a wonderful time of year, and of course, there is the rest of us somewhere in between. Wherever your Christmas season takes you, are you centering yourself on God? Is he your guide? Is he your portion as the psalmist likes to say?

Don’t forget tomorrow that our only scheduled service is at 10:30am. There is no Sunday School or Evening study.

This year for a Bible reading plan I want to challenge you to read along with me the Robert Murray M’Cheyne plan. It is a little more challenging. You read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament Twice. I have attached a calendar for you. I am guessing for most readers, it would take around 30 minutes a day to read. You can also download the Bible app on your phone and listen to it instead (

I challenge you to make your commitment to Bible reading a little higher this year. And as I have the last two years, I encourage you to let me know that you are doing it. Maybe this year we can hold ourselves accountable by publicly listing our names as a commitment to this? What do you think?

See you tomorrow,
Pastor Nathan