Pastor Checkin


How has your year started? I suspect you have already had your ups and your downs. It is nice to start a new year with a clean slate, but life in a fallen world is the same as it was last year. That said, God’s amazing grace is just as wonderful as it was last year! And, our hope of eternity is just as real as ever!

How are you doing with your Bible reading plan? Let me encourage you to set aside enough time. In fact, set aside a little extra time than you think you need. It is amazing how we can be a little stingy with how much time we set aside for our devotional time. Also, set aside enough time to be able to read ahead. Most of us will at some point go through a busy season, and we will get behind. Then, we get discouraged, and often Bible reading plans don’t get finished. So, plan not only to finish, but plan to finish ahead!

We have our annual business meeting coming up NOT this Sunday but the FOLLOWING Sunday, January 19th. Make your plans to be there. It happens right after the morning service. We have lunch and then we have a brief meeting. We are glad to have input from everyone. The only thing that you have to be a member for is the voting part.

Finally, it is going to be a few more weeks before we start our Daniel study on Sunday evenings. Let me encourage you to get together on a Sunday evening. It could be in your home or you could get together at church. Different families have different needs. Some of you really need the Sunday evening fellowship. Others of you really need the family time at home on Sunday evenings.

Love,Pastor Nathan