COVID-19 Opinions and Experts

There are a lot of opinions and experts talking about Covid-19, and there is more than once I have felt caught between good, Christian people. A few weeks ago while listening to one of my regular podcasts, I heard the following helpful words. I linked the full transcript at the bottom. On the transcript page, there is also an audio version if you would like to listen to it instead.

EICHER: Turning to the other dominant story right now, some states like Georgia, Texas, and Florida are allowing more businesses to reopen.

Everyone has an opinion about that, and everyone’s opinion is backed up by their preferred experts and data.

So I don’t want to talk about how or whether states should reopen, John. I want to talk about how some Christians are treating one another over it. On one side I’m seeing people accusing those who want to open their businesses of being reckless and greedy. Putting stocks over lives I saw one person say uncharitably on social media.

On the other I see sneers about cowardice and not valuing the liberty our forefathers died for.And I just kind of sit here thinking, it’s fine to have opinions about what should happen. I have them.

But when did it become okay to attack and shame each other over choices that are really complicated, where the right thing isn’t clear cut?

See the rest of the conversation here. It starts about halfway down the page. The audio version is linked at the top of the page.

Pastor Nathan