Dalton Davis is a student in his third year at Grace College and Theological Seminary, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Master’s Degree in Local Church Ministry. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, his family moved to Carmel, Indiana in 2011 enabling he and his stepbrother to attend high school at Westfield High School. He has always conformed to a nondenominational theology, and believes in the sufficiency of scripture over everything else. He loves discussing the Bible with others, and enjoys outdoor activities in his free time. His father is a senior project manager and part-time consultant, and his stepmother handles audits and payments for a large IBM computer training software seller.

Apprenticeship Overview

Students who come to seek to fulfill a semester or a summer apprenticeship do not hold official leadership roles in our church.  They also are not a “pack horse” that we load up with a bunch of work.  The standard goal of an apprenticeship is for the students to get hands on experience, to look at every part of a church ministry up close, and a mentoring relationship with the church leadership (usually the pastor). 

Colleges and Seminaries usually have some sort of criteria for their apprenticeship programs.  So, as expected, Grace College & Seminary has a formal list of requirements for their apprenticeship program.  Pastor Nathan will be working with Dalton to oversee the fulfillment of these requirements.  

Pastor Nathan has done two formal interviews with Dalton.  Dalton has also filled out an application including personal references and agreed to a background check.  Pastor Nathan has called Dalton’s references and performed the background check. Dalton’s interview performance, his background check, and his reference checks have all proven to be excellent.  

Over the next month, Pastor Nathan will be preparing a formal layout of the summer schedule. 

Your Role

Sign up with Jeanette for a three week block to host Dalton in your home (if you have a spare room),  Sign up to host Dalton for evening meals in your home (or take him out to eat), be prepared to invest time into Dalton as he seeks to learn from you, and finally, pray for him!