Sermon Series

Complaining @ God

A six week series beginning October, 18, 2020 on the book of Habakkuk

Be Resolute! (A Study on Daniel)

A 14 week Sunday evening study on the book of Daniel starting January 26, 2020.  Take note that we will not have study on:

  • April 5
  • April 12
  • May 10
  • May 24

Church Servants

What does the Bible say about church servants?  What are the expectations?  What are the guidelines?  This is study on Wednesday nights in the summer of 2019.

How to find JOY in this crazy life

Joy seems to be a rare treasure that we are always seeking and never finding.  Join us as we study the theme of JOY in the book of Philippians starting May 19, 2019.

The Vanity of Purity

Does it seem worth it to you to do right? Sometimes it just doesn't. How do we handle this struggle? Join us in late April and early May 2019 as we look at this.

How will we move forward?

As we seek to move forward as a church, how would God have us to do it? Let's look at the Scriptures together to know how we can move forward!

Holy Spirit Study Series

Join us starting October 2018 on Sunday evenings as we see what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit.

This study concluded in November 2019.

Lessons From the Beginning

Genesis is packed with practical life lessons that affect our daily lives.  How do we handle temptation? Where do we find hope?  How do we deal with guilt and shame?  How do I know when to wait in faith?  How do I know when to step out in faith?

Church & Conscience

Often conscience issues surface between church members, and it sometimes seems hopeless to sort these matters out so that we can unite together and glory God.  How do we handle this?


These are sermons that were not a part of a series.