Duration: 25 mins

Scripture Passage: Philippians 4

Service: Sunday Morning Service

Series: How to find JOY in this crazy life


I know for you that probably most sermons don’t really stick with you throughout the week, but, occasionally they do.

  • Don’t worry! It is the same for me.
  • Most of my sermons don’t stick with me throughout the week.
  • But some do!
  • Last weeks really stuck with me… Be gracious… be reasonable.
  • This weeks already has stuck with before I preached it, and I think it will stick with me more through out this week.

To be human is to have cares, concern, and anxiety. Some more than others. One of the other ways you can translate anxiety is "distraction."

We can have fear and anxiety over what can go wrong:

  • What if my wife gets into an accident with all the kids in the car and they all die?
  • What if there is a mechanical failure on the airplane while we are over the ocean?
  • What if my loved one will die because of the medical concern?
  • What if the wrong leader gets into power in our country?

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