Duration: 24 mins

Scripture Passage: Philippians 4

Service: Sunday Morning Service

Series: How to find JOY in this crazy life


A little over a year ago, we began to have an issue in our household. The issue started with my opinions. I am known for certain things I am picky about. One of the things I am picky about is how my milk tastes. If it has a hint of going bad, I don't want it. I began to complain, as I had in the past, about how the milk tastes.

My wife said, "No No, you are fine!"

I said, "Okay, fine, but I am not going to drink this milk. You can give it to the kids." I don't remember exactly how it went. Maybe all the kids revolted once they tried to drink the milk. Either way, I was discovered that the milk was indeed sour. It had gone bad well before the expiration date.

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