Duration: 39 mins

Scripture Passage: Matthew 28

Service: Sunday Morning Service

Series: Misc.

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The Year of Living like Jesus By: Edward G. Dobson

Every Sunday morning at the gated community I teach a Bible study...Today I told them about my project to live like Jesus for a year and explained that this is why I’m letting my beard grow out (Leviticus instructs men not to cut their beards). (p. 22).
Today I prepared a Bible study on the life of Joseph. The text says that when Joseph was in Egypt and was summoned before Pharaoh, he shaved his face and changed his clothes. So how does that apply to me? This week I’m supposed to pray for the blessing of the fleet at the Community Yacht Club, and I’m also supposed to perform a wedding. With my ragged beard, I’m beginning to look like a homeless person—so, like Joseph, should I shave in order to look more acceptable at the Yacht Club and at the wedding?...This living like Jesus is getting more complicated every day. (pp. 23-24)

Even if we somewhat scoff at people like this, it demonstrates something that we all need help understanding.

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?

What is discipleship?

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