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Sermon Series on the book of Jonah

Loving God & Others

First Baptist Church was started in 1939, and over the years, generations, and changing culture, we have remained committed to God’s ...

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We are blessed to be a multi-generatonal church.  We have toddlers on up through people in their 90s.  It is important for us to live out the first several ...

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Blended Worship

Our church people are from a variety of backgrounds.  Some are mostly familiar with modern contemporary songs.  Others are used to the old traditional hymns.  Our services are a blend...

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Why Baptist?

The "baptist" name has meant different things to different folks through out the years.  In fact, when our church started in 1939, the "baptist" label was chosen primarily because of its identification ...

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We are just normal people being transformed by God's grace.

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Sermon Archive

Currently we have about a years worth of sermons on youtube. We are slowly converting over to hosting and streaming our own videos. Check out our most recent sermons in the list below.